Interactive Training Inside of WIN – Train while you Book!

We are pleased to announce that effective today, March 9th, WIN will offer onscreen training and help resources.

After you login to WIN, a new icon, “Walk Me Through,” will be available on your screen providing access to a library of “How To” instructions.

The initial group of instructions available includes:

  • How do I book an order not in WIN with a carrier?
  • How do I book an existing order with a carrier?
  • How do I generate a Bill of Lading?
  • How do I create a Spot Quote from an existing order?
  • How do I check Spot Quote responses?

Once you have selected the subject you’d like help with, you will be guided step-by-step through the entire process.

In addition, new “Smart Tips” will be available throughout the system.  Just click on a blue question mark next to a field to get a detailed description of what that field means.

Please contact your WIN Business Analyst if you have any questions.