When selecting a transportation management system (TMS), shippers must go beyond the basic elements of the software and consider how effectively and efficiently their business partners will be able to use the platform. This is a consideration that many shippers overlook, but one that becomes extremely critical once the platform is up and running and tracking/orchestrating freight movements.

For example, carriers, partners, suppliers and/or customers must be able to log directly into a TMS’ web portal and access the critical functions, features, and information that they need. WIN, the web-based transportation management solution, offers such capabilities. A less-than-truckload carrier, for instance, would use WIN to receive requests for quotes or load tenders and/or provide status updates, among other functions.

Proper carrier/partner training and support are critical to the success of the TMS, and WIN provides the necessary carrier training and development.

If, for example, a carrier isn’t already trained on the WIN system, the WIN client services team will handle the appropriate outreach and get the carrier organization up to speed on using the platform. This helps alleviate a key pain point for shippers that don’t always have the time, impetus, or resources to handle the task. Once a carrier is brought onto the WIN network, it’s brought on for all shippers who, in turn, reap the benefits of having new carriers on the network. This provides a significant advantage for companies that want to save time and energy while gaining access to a wider carrier network (without the hassle!).

In a very short time frame the WIN client services team can provide training to all WIN users assigned by the client company at initial set-up. (WIN users can be direct employees of the WIN client company, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and/or others.) This gives shippers a distinct advantage and helps them go beyond the basics to realize the true and complete value of their TMS.