Work Smart…Earn More

When Logistics Management magazine conducted its 31st Annual Salary Survey this year, a few interesting trends surfaced within the results. According to the survey, irrespective of age, gender, or experience, the most highly compensated logistics managers are those with the best formal educations. But academics and job recruiters say leadership acumen, the ability to adapt to technology, and “cultural skills” are not to be discounted, especially over the long term.

Conducted by Peerless Research Group (PRG), the study revealed that companies are expecting employees to take on yet more work and responsibility, suggesting that sophistication in technological adaptation will be increasingly important. “From a statistical perspective, the evidence clearly points to workers being asked to put in more time and energy to get ahead,” says PRG’s research director Judd Aschenbrand. “Those working smarter and adapting to the necessary technological tools will certainly be able to accomplish the increasing workload at an easier pace.”

The good news is that technology platforms like WIN (Web Integrated Network), the no cost, no fee web-based transportation management solution, can help logistics professionals work smarter in a business environment where companies are asking their employees to do more with less on a daily basis. It streamlines their jobs and makes their day-to-day tasks easier to accomplish.

For example, technologies like WIN can help eliminate “paper” clutter, boost productivity, and allow logistics professionals to utilize a single platform solution for their transportation needs. Employees can work more efficiently and within smaller spans of time.

Going forward, expect to see technology continue to have a positive impact on logistics and shipping industries. In the Logistics Management article, Ted Stank of the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute, noted that “any way you slice it, functional IT expertise will continue to be rewarded.” Joel Sutherland of the University of San Diego added, “Companies are looking for leaders who can craft and apply the proper tactics for final logistics management execution.”