TIA 2019 Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition

Join over 1300 of North America’s most successful brokerage-based logistics professionals – All in one place.

Attend and select from over 100+ unbeatable 3PL educational sessions. Connect with your colleagues at 10 varied and unique networking activities. Play Golf, participate in a Charity 5K Run, and renew your friendships and forge new partnerships. That’s exactly what the TIA 2019 Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition is all about.  The TIA 2019 Preliminary Program has the information you need.


Our WIN™ experts, will be at the show and would love the opportunity to speak with you to discuss the value of joining the expanding WIN marketplace. When you join the WIN marketplace,  OUR WIN Shippers Become Your Customers.

If you will be at the TIA conference please either call us at 203-448-3872 or email us at info@gowithwin.com to schedule a short meeting at the conference.


WIN™ Web-Based Transportation Solution Recognized as a Top 100 Logistics Information Technology Provider by Inbound Logistics Magazine

Danbury, Conn. (April 17, 2018) — Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey) today announced that WIN™, its no-cost, no-fee web-based transportation management solution, has been named as one of the Top 100 Logistics Information Technology providers by Inbound Logistics magazine.

“Congratulations to Odyssey and the WIN team for being named a Top 100 Logistics IT provider for a second year in a row,” said Felecia Stratton, editor, Inbound Logistics. “The editorial team had their work cut out for them, ultimately selecting only 100 technology solutions leaders from the more than 400 candidate pool. WIN clearly demonstrated its leadership as a technology and solution that helps shippers.”

WIN is a no-cost, no-fee transportation solution that offers savings opportunities, freight spend visibility, process efficiencies and an option for shippers to choose from their existing carriers and brokers or those within the WIN network. WIN has nearly all of the features and function of a traditional transportation management system.

“Being recognized by Inbound Logistics as a Top 100 IT logistics provider is testament to our commitment to developing leading technologies and innovative solutions for our clients’ logistics needs,” said Russ Marky, CEO of WIN. “We continue to upgrade and evolve WIN based on client feedback and marketplace challenges, offering a powerful freight management system that’s backed by more than 10 years of Odyssey insights and experience.”

WIN easily integrates with legacy financial, ERP, CRM and WMS systems through Jitterbit®, an agile cloud integration solution that seamlessly connects existing systems with WIN.

To learn more about WIN and schedule a free demonstration, please visit gowithwin.com or call 855-946-4739.

About Odyssey:

 Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey) is a global logistics solutions provider with freight network of over $2B. Odyssey’s services include international transportation management, intermodal services, trucking services, and managed services and consulting. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Odyssey operates in all modes of transport with TL/LTL trucking, containership, rail, air, and bulk transport including bulk truck, ISO Tank, railcar and tanker, as well as food-grade product lines.

The Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM features a transportation management system that supports the safe, reliable and efficient delivery of client products throughout the world. WINTM (Web Integrated Network) offers a scalable technology solution with an accelerated deployment and faster time to value.

For more about Odyssey, please visit www.odysseylogistics.com and www.gowithwin.com

About Inbound Logistics:

Since its inception in 1981, Inbound Logistics’ educational mission is to illustrate the benefits of demand-driven logistics practices, give companies the knowledge to help them match the inbound flow of materials to their demand, and align their business process to support that shift. Inbound Logistics offers real-world examples and decision support to guide businesses to efficiently manage logistics, reduce and speed inventory, and offset rising transport costs, supporting business scalability across their value chain. More information about demand-driven logistics practices is available at www.inboundlogistics.com.

Managing Through Tight Capacity

By mid-2017 shippers began seeing tighter capacity across flatbed, truckload and tank truck modes as ongoing improvements in key sectors of the economy (including manufacturing and energy), combined with continued strength in construction and ecommerce, began to strain availability.

Growth in these areas not only increased demand for over-the-road services, but they also provided new employment opportunities for those in or considering joining the driver labor force.

Capacity further tightened when hurricanes Harvey and Irma disrupted service and increased demand for rebuilding.

Download the full report to learn what actions are recommended to shippers looking to manage through this time of tight capacity.