System Enhancements

As part of our commitment to providing a best-in-class experience with leading edge technology. We’re excited to announce the following major enhancements to the WIN system all at no cost to you.

No longer do you have to toggle between the order and tendering tabs to manage order changes. Save time and effort by performing all your order changes in one place. You have the ability to edit any aspect of the order and you may edit both tendered and non-tendered orders.

  • The screenshot below points out where you will find the new “Edit Order” button:

  • Edit order button can be selected for both not tendered as well as tendered orders
  • Make order changes after selecting edit order (i.e. – weight changes)
  • If order has already been tendered, Select “Proceed to Save” to proceed:

  • Select 1 of the 4 actions below:
    • Send Tender Update – Send update to the original carrier that received first tender
    • Tender with Other Carrier – Send tender to a different carrier (Due to the order change, there may be a better carrier to book with vs. the original carrier)
    • Cancel Tender
    • None, Save Only​

Do you want to know at a glance what your shipment volume and cost trends have been?  This new widget lets you see a real-time summary of shipments within WIN with added analytics such as spend, number of tendered shipments, type of shipments tendered, cost breakdown by mode, as well as WIN carrier utilization.


  • Full view of your WIN Shipment Orders performance to date (dynamically updated)
  • Route guide and least cost shipment compliance
  • Spot Quote and least cost shipment compliance
  • WIN Network performance and utilization
  • Quarterly breakdown of freight spend per mode

Want to get your hands on information about your shipment activity effortlessly? Our automated standard reporting feature will email you a set of standard reports as soon as the data is available on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. These reports will draw from all your data within WIN and provide in-depth visibility of activity across your entire organization.

Sample of the reports that will be sent directly to your email:

  • Alert Summary – Manage by exception reporting.  Understand which alerts/exceptions have been resolved and which ones need to be addressed.  The Summary report outlines the key areas to focus on in order to reduce ongoing exceptions in your work process.  Alerts are based on the following categories: Tracking, ERP orders, Missing Fields, Auto/Sequential Tendering.
  • Mode Summary – Determine improvement opportunities within your mode and carrier usage.  Maximize your top carrier performers and mode mix.
  • Spot Quote Summary –  Leverage Spot Quote performance data with carriers to improve pricing and increase carrier acceptance.
  • Lost and Cost Savings Summary – Determine lanes/routes where money is left on the table by not selecting the optimal carrier.  Identify the lane/carrier mix that is saving your organization the most money. Increase your gains and reduce your lost savings.


  • Get in-depth visibility into activity within WIN.
  • Save time and effort spent manually generating reports; they are sent directly to your email inbox.
  • Standardize reporting throughout your organization and transportation management.
  • Drill down into the details behind the summary reports in order to take action.

Ready to save more money?  Once you’ve booked shipments through the WIN system, our WIN analysts can evaluate your shipping patterns to see if any additional savings are possible with WIN procured carrier rates.  Our new widget will track your progress from each origin and inform you when there is a potential savings opportunity.


  • Track shipment volume by mode for cost-saving procured rate eligibility
  • Get notified of volume build up and analysis in progress for procured rates
  • Ability to see progress and utilization of top lanes and their respective performance

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new WIN™ for Salesforce® application which is available for download now on the Salesforce AppExchange®.

The new app enables shippers to quote, book, track and trace LTL and Truckload freight shipments through a streamlined process within the Salesforce CRM. WIN for Salesforce offers savings opportunities and transportation management simplicity. Some benefits of WIN for Salesforce are immediately available with the 21 day trial, and more features available in the full version of WIN for Salesforce:

  1. 21-day trial version includes:
    • LTL savings from choice of carriers & brokers in the WIN network
    • Visibility – quotes and booked shipments are on account and opportunity records
    • Efficiency – customer data is retrieved directly from Salesforce
  2. Users of full version of WIN for Salesforce can:
    • Transact with their existing carriers and brokers
    • Choose mode including LTL, intermodal, bulk, truckload, flatbed, and refrigerated transport
    • Quote and click shipment booking
    • Track and trace

“This app takes the simplification of shipping and logistics to a whole new level,” said Bob Shellman, president and CEO, Odyssey. “Salesforce users will now be able to better manage the time-consuming processes from within Salesforce. Calling around for rates, capacity, booking, or tracking and tracing shipments will be a thing of the past.”

The WIN team is always watching market trends and listening to customer needs to find new ways of saving costs for shippers and simplifying their processes.

We are pleased to announce that effective January 28th, WIN will be able to support shipment consolidations.

Consolidation is the act of combining of multiple orders into a single shipment. WIN allows for consolidations to be completed two ways:

  1. By aggregation, combining multiple orders that share the same ship-from and ship-to locations
  2. By multi-stops, combining multiple orders that include multiple ship-from or ship-to locations (or both)

Whichever method of consolidation you choose, this new feature provides another way for you to optimize your freight management through WIN.

PLEASE NOTE: Whether you use this new consolidation feature or not, as of January 28th the format of all new order numbers will be changing: all order numbers will start with “S-” and consolidation order numbers will start with “C-”, existing orders already in the WIN system will not be altered and will begin with “O-”.

If you are interested in learning more about this new feature please contact your dedicated Business Analyst or give us a call: 855.946.4739.

  • Rate Agreements and Schedules:
    • Real Time, Most current info – If your carrier modifies your rate agreement(Rate increase or decrease), WIN will be updated Automatically.
    • Timely – Add your current rates into WIN in minutes by providing your carrier website credentials.  We no longer have to manually load your rates into WIN.
    • Secure – WIN does not have access to your actual rate agreements – WIN connects to your Carrier Dispatch System securely and rates pull in WIN the same way as if you were to pull rates from your carrier website.
    • Dispatch System Providing Real Time Info
      • Rating – Rate Queries and Route Guide rates will populate automatically from your Carrier Dispatch system
      • Tendering – Tender or Pickup requests will be sent directly to your Carrier Dispatch System (Same as if you were to book shipment on carrier website)
      • PRO # – Receive carrier PRO # immediately after booking a shipment to track and trace instantly
      • Track & Trace – Ability to track your shipment after it has been tendered

API flow

  • Coming soon “POD”
    • Legal document that provides delivery confirmation – (WIN will still provide Delivered Tracking messages showing delivered date and time along with any notes from carrier)

Tired of manually tendering or booking each of your shipments?  Allow WIN to automatically book your shipments with the most economically carrier option.

This enhancement gives you the capability to tender automatically to the preferred carrier.  If the preferred carrier declines or does not accept in a given time period, the system will automatically tender to the next carrier.  This capability is also enabled for orders that are received automatically from client’s ERP or business system. This way a new order can be automatically sequentially tendered by the system without human intervention.


  • Systematic way to follow route guide while saving time and money

You no longer have to manually creating orders, you can now upload your orders into WIN automatically.

If your company is not ready to pursue quick and easy system integration to WIN, we do offer the ability to upload shipments into WIN using an data upload via excel file.  Simply export your excel file with your shipment information from your business system and upload into WIN.